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10 Tips for Gardening with the Kids

kids own space in garden

If you enjoy gardening and have kids you may have wondered about how to get your kids involved in your garden. While some people may jump into it and end up with filthy kids, there are some better ways. If you are ready to share your love of gardening with your kids then you will want to approach it carefully.

Read on for ten tips on how to introduce your kids to gardening and have a great experience.

#1. Let them pick seeds

fruit tree seeds

This is a great way to get your kids interested quickly! Nothing is more fun than picking pretty flowers or veggies and then watching them grow from seed. You can also talk about what grows best in your area and guide your child to those seeds.

#2. Give them their own space

kids own space in garden

If you’re worried about imperfections, try giving older kids their own patch to work. They’ll take pride in keeping their space watered and weeded and are more likely to eat vegetables that they’ve grown themselves!

#3. Lay down some rules

If you don’t want kids in a specific area of the garden you need to be specific about that. Once you’ve laid down ground rules then everybody can have more fun together.

#4. Keep it simple

Don’t expect your kids to suddenly have a long attention span. Planting, watering and weeding all day every day will wear them out. Try to mete out small tasks that they can accomplish and feel good about finishing.

#5. Keep a look-out for cool bugs

garden insects

Even if you’re not a fan of insects and spiders, don’t pass along that prejudice to your kids. Most kids are naturally drawn to insects, and gardening is a great way to learn about them. You don’t want your child to have worms because you think they’re icky. Now’s a great time to teach about how insects can help the garden.

#6. Be careful of chemicals

If you are going to spray your garden make sure that you use something that won’t hurt your kids or keep them out of the way for a while. You don’t want them to accidentally ingest chemicals from the garden and then get sick after you spray.

#7. Show, don’t tell

Instead of telling your child to plant the seeds 12 inches apart, hand them a ruler and show them how to measure out the distance. You’ll be happy with the end result and they will appreciate that you don’t get frustrated with their help.

#8. Be ok with getting dirty

kids getting dirty

Kids love dirt, and the garden is full of it. Make sure that you monitor what they’re wearing so they don’t get their Sunday dresses full of mud. With official “gardening clothes” you can make sure that no good clothing gets ruined and the kids can still make mud pies.

#9. Keep a journal

Journals are a great way to reinforce what kids are doing in the garden. By tracking germination times and what sort of fertilizer you use, kids can learn about how plants grow.

#10. Get kid-sized tools for little hands

kids garden tools

Kids will quickly become frustrated when trying to use adult-sized tools. Invest in some fun gloves at the same time and your child will be just like you!

Gardening with kids can be a really rewarding experience! Follow these ten tips and you’re sure to have a lot of fun working in the dirt together. Not only will your kids enjoy playing in the dirt with you, they’re sure to learn a lot, as well!

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