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4 Easy Solutions for a Perfect Lawn Edge Without a Line Trimmer

The Perfect Lawn Edge Without a Line Trimmer

Believe it or not, you can get top quality results edging your lawn without using a mower or a line trimmer – especially if you pay close attention to the tips and tricks that we are going to highlight for you below.

Different tools can be used to edge your lawn (like your lawnmower, for example) or you can even install permanent edging solutions that give you that clean line you’re looking for without any manual labor after the install is taken care of.

#1. Drop your Mower Deck for a Cleaner Cut

Professional landscapers and homeowners serious about getting as perfect a lawn as humanly possible have known about this little trick. You’re going to be able to use it achieve a perfect lawn edge and get a really clean and crisp cut without much headache or hassle.

After mowing your lawn to the perfect height, grab an adjustable wrench and adjust the mower deck on the exhaust shoot side so that your mower blade sits about a half inch off the grass you are looking to edge.

Then simply slide that side of the mower along the perimeter that you’re hoping to edge, and your lawnmower will cut the grass and the ground to provide you with that clean look and tight edge you are after.


#2. Install permanent lawn edging material

Understanding that homeowners are looking for a clean-cut and perfectly edged lawn but aren’t all that excited about having to maintain this edging. Some companies produce permanent garden edging materials that install into the ground, flush with the area that you’re hoping to edge. Essentially becoming invisible little soldiers to keep your lawn looking nice and tight all year round.

You’ll want to string out the area that you are edging any design or pattern that you are looking for at the end of the day. After that, you’ll either want to dig a shallow trench with a square shovel or wait until the ground is a bit wet (after a rain, for example) and then you’ll want to drive this lawn edging material down into the ground.

Make sure that the retaining pegs are pressed down as much as possible so that your edging material is as strong as it can be and just like that your good to go!

Brick walkway edge and grass

#3. Use pavers as a permanent solution

If you are looking for something a little bit more decorative (and honestly a little bit more work intensive), pavers can perform double duty by providing your lawn with crisp edging and adding a bit of extra visual flair at the exact same time.

Measure out the size of your pavers (widthwise) and then dig a shallow trench of about 2 inches deep everywhere you want your pavers to be placed. Add about an inch of gravel and sand to stabilize the pavers and then place them down into the trench – tamping them down along the way to make sure that they set level with one another.

#4. Create a Traditional Lawn Edge

Line trimmers are a recent garden tool invention. Before their introduction, manual tools such as ‘Step Edgers’ or just a plain old shovel were commonly used. Step edges create a beautiful edge if you don’t mind using your legs! On the plus side, you can forget about charging batteries, buying gas or swapping spark plugs.

Lawn Examples

How to Use a Step Edger

And that’s all she wrote!

All of these tips and tricks will help you create the perfectly edged on without ever having to break out your line trimmer or deal with a lot of extra maintenance and hard labor throughout the year!

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