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Repair Tired Lawn with the Best Lawn Aerators


If you’re in the market for the best lawn aerator, you’ll love this detailed guide! Today, we’re here to share valuable information about what this type of garden tool/machine is and which makes and models of lawn aerators are the most practical, appealing and highly-rated.

We’ve researched some amazing models, with a mind to help you streamline your comparison shopping. When you pick one of the lawn aerators on our list, you’ll be choosing true quality.

Best Lawn Aerator for the Money – Corded Unit

#1.) Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch 8.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller

This lawn aerator features an engine which is powerful enough to take care of lawn aeration tasks efficiently.


  • Powerful engine
  • Four 4-blade tines made from steel


  • Not a high-end model
  • May not work too well on earth which is cold and hard

This top electrical unit features a cutting width of eleven inches and a cutting length of eight inches. It includes a powerful, 8.5 amp motor. As well, it has four durable steel, 4-blade tines. When you choose this model, which comes from a trusted brand, you’ll find that transporting it is a total breeze.

It has wheels which flip upwards and downwards. Also, this make and model are very light in weight, and it’s simple to maneuver. You’ll find that this lawn aerator is very easy to start up. It will make the task of tilling easier than ever before!

Runner Up Electrical Aerator

#2.) Sun Joe TJ603E 16-Inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

This lawn aerator from Sun Joe comes with a powerful, 12-amp engine.


  • 12-amp engine
  • Folding handle for easy portability


  • May not break the weakest ground
  • Frame may be a bit flimsy

This runner-up top electrical unit has an engine which provides 12 amps of power. It will cultivate to a depth of eight inches and a height of sixteen inches. As well, it comes with six sturdy tines which are angled to offer stellar performance. Also, this model has a handle which folds up to make transportation easy. The folding handle also means that it’s easy to store this lawn aerator once your tilling tasks are complete.

When you choose this popular model, you’ll access a wheel which adjusts to a trio of positions. As well, you’ll have access to a two-year warranty. This lawn aerator is ETL-approved.

Top Rated Cordless Unit

#3.) Earthwise TC70040 11-Inch 40-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Tiller/Cultivator

This lawn aerator is a mid-range model which provides great cutting width and depth.


  • Cordless performance
  • Four steel tines for good cutting depth and width


  • Not a budget model
  • Some customers found that bolts on this model broke

This tiller comes from Earthwise and Earthwise is a lawn aerator manufacturer that we trust. When you choose this model, you’ll access eight inches of cutting depth, as well as eleven inches of cutting width. Also, you’ll find that this practical lawn aerator has four tines made from durable steel. Flip up and down to transport this model easily!

It comes with an auxiliary handle which has a comfy grip made from foam. If you want a top cordless unit which isn’t too expensive and which gets great reviews from customers, this may be the design that you’ve been waiting for. It’s got a mid-range price tag but provides plenty of features and solid construction for the price.

Runner Up Cordless Cultivator

#4.) GreenWorks 27062A G-MAX 40V 10-Inch Cordless Cultivator

This runner-up cordless unit offers power which is fade-free!


  • Excellent Lithium Ion Battery
  • Tilling width is adjustable


  • Mid-range price tag (not a budget model)
  • Battery may be difficult to remove

This lawn aerator from GreenWorks comes with a Lithium Ion battery of the G-Max 40-volt type. The battery offers fade-free performance without loss of memory once it’s charged. As well, this lawn machine comes with rotating tines which are adjustable. They offer excellent performance as they dig into the soil. When you choose this model, you may till from a width of 8.25 inches to 10 inches.

Top Gas Power Walk Behind

#5.) Husqvarna FT900-CA Adjustable Width Front Tine Tiller

This popular gas power walk behind lawn aerator is a high-end model with a superb engine from Briggs and Stratton.


  • Engine has 208cc of power
  • Tilling width is adjustable


  • Too pricey for some consumers
  • Some buyers had mechanical problems

This deluxe lawn aerator is very attractive and offers high performance for a higher-than-average price. It comes from a manufacturer that is trusted worldwide. When you select this model, you’ll access a powerful motor with 208cc, as well as a tilling width which is adjustable.

Till to a width of twelve, twenty-four or twenty-six inches to access performance which is perfect for your needs and tastes. This machine comes with front tines and also has a drag bar, as well as a counterweight. It’s a CARB-compliant design.

Runner Up Gas Power Walk Behind

#6.) Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920 – Ultra-Lightweight

This runner-up gas power walk behind is powerful, despite its very light weight.


  • Ten inches of digging depth and nine inches of tilling width
  • Very lightweight


  • Mid-range to high-end price tag
  • Some customers had trouble getting this tiller to start

This lawn aerator runs on a mixture of oil and gas, and it’s extremely light in weight. The whole unit weighs just twenty pounds. Despite its compact and lightweight design, it offers commercial-grade quality and will help users to give soil Greenhouse-level quality.

This machine digs to a depth of ten inches and a width of nine inches. The model folds up, so it’s easy to store.

While it does cost more than a lot of tillers, most customers who buy it are satisfied they did, and you probably will be, too.

Best Manual Coring Aerator

#7.) Yard Butler ID-6C Coring Aerator

This top manual unit will allow water, fertilizer, and air to go root down to root material.


  • Will reduce compaction of soil
  • Promotes strong and fast growth of roots


  • This budget model may lack some high-end features
  • Steel used in this design may be cheaper than average

The budget-priced Yard Butler won’t take a big bite out of your budget. However, it will perform well regarding decreasing compaction of soil. It will also reduce run-off of water, as well as puddling.

When you choose this affordable design, fertilizer, water, and air will go down to roots. This promotes strong root growth. Roots will be resistant to stress from heat and drought.

This handy lawn tool/machine comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll be able to buy with confidence.

Top Lawn Tractor (Tow-Behind) Unit

#8.) Brinly PA-40BH Tow Behind Plug Aerator

This top lawn tractor (tow behind) unit penetrates soil that is compacted and will take away up to three-inch soil plugs.


  • Sturdy steel tray has the 150-pound capacity.
  • Transport wheels make moving this unit easy


  • May be difficult to assemble
  • Some buyers didn’t receive the right bolts for assembly

This Brinly tow-behind lawn aerator is designed to offer excellent penetration of soil which is compacted. It is a style which will remove three-inch plugs of soil. As well, it features a steel tray which is very durable and which is designed to hold up to one hundred and fifty pounds of weight.

You’ll love the wheels on this pull-behind style. They make it so easy to cross paths and driveways. Pull it behind an ATV or ride-on lawn mower to perform lawn aerating quickly. It’s a great alternative to a lawn aerator which requires manual operation. As well, it’s got a budget to the mid-range price tag, so it’s quite affordable.

Get the Inside Scoop on Lawn Aeration

If you want your lawn to look good, you will benefit from discovering a host of facts about lawn aeration. Today, we are here to help! We want you to use this lawn care process, which delivers vital nutrients to soil under grass. When you add aeration to your current lawn care tasks, including fertilizing, watering and mowing, you’ll be doing all that you can to create a truly beautiful and healthy lawn.

Aeration will allow nutrients to penetrate the soil and it will also allow water and air to get through lawn thatch or grass…

Now, we’d like to talk about when and how to aerate. We’ll also share more facts which help you to understand the value of lawn aeration.

Lawn Aeration – Basic Facts

Aeration is the act of perforating soil with holes of small size which allow nutrients, air, and water to get into the roots of grass. Aeration gives roots the power to grow deeper into the soil and to produce grass which is healthy and strong.

Aerating is usually performed in order to improve soil compaction issues. When a soil is compacted, it contains an excess of particles which are solid, within a particular area. Compaction of soil inhibits nutrient, air and water circulation with soil.

Too much lawn thatch or dense debris which is organic will lie under the surface of grass and it may “starve” roots from accessing the water, air, and nutrients that they need in order to grow well.

What Are the Benefits of Aerating Lawn?

If you’re a homeowner, you should strongly consider aerating your lawn. In particular, if you fit the following criteria, you should give it a try…

If your lawn gets a lot of traffic from kids who play on it and/or pets who run around on it, then lawn aeration should improve the condition of your lawn, even in the most high-traffic areas. When pets and kids run on lawns, they may trigger soil compaction issues.

If you’ve bought a new home, you should know that new home lawns often have buried or stripped topsoil. As well, grass which is put onto subsoil will probably have compaction because of traffic from construction. For this reason, new homeowners should seriously consider utilizing lawn aeration techniques.

If your lawns seem to dry out regularly and it has a texture which is sponge-like, it’s possible that there is an issue with excess thatch. To alleviate the problem, use a shovel to take away a slice of the lawn which measures about four inches in depth. If your layer of thatch exceeds a half inch, you should aerate. It will help greatly.

Lastly, if your lawn was created with sod and there is a layering of soil, aeration may be a smart choice for you. A layering of soil indicates fine-textured soil (which is typically found with sod that is imported) and which is layered over coarser soil (which was already present at the property). This type of layering is counterproductive to superb drainage, as water tends to be retained by the fine-textured soil.

This causes compaction and contributes to sub-par development of roots.

When you aerate, you’ll give water the capacity to flow freely throughout soil and get to the roots, where it needs to go. You’ll stop the layering problem in its tracks.

When Should You Aerate the Lawn?

Aeration is recommended while the growing season is going on. It’s a time when grass is ripe to recover well. It will fill up open areas once plugs of soil are taken away. For this reason, we think that aerating your lawn with “cool season” grass during the beginning of spring or autumn is smart. If you have “warm season” grass, you should shoot for aeration during the latter part of spring.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

When it comes to aeration, you’ll have a choice of a spike aerator or a plug aerator. These are the two main forms of tools for aeration. With spike aerators, you will have to utilize the spike aerator tool in order to make holes in the soil via a solid tine or fork. When you choose a plug aerator, you’ll take away soil and grass plugs from your landscape.

To get optimal results, utilize a machine or tool for aeration which takes away soil plugs. Poking holes really doesn’t work as well and may actually cause compaction issues to intensify in the areas surrounding the holes. As you can see, we think that a plug aerator is the smartest buy!

When you shop around for the right tool or machine, look for one which takes away plugs of soil two to three inches deep. The plugs of soil removed should measure between half an inch and three-quarters of an inch (diameter measurement) and they should be about two to three inches from one another.

Leasing a machine is a possibility. A lot of garden supply stores and lawn supply stores offer these tools or machines for rental. If you rent, follow the directions that you’re given. Some people choose to economize by sharing the cost of the rental with neighbors who also wish to aerate their lawns.

How to Get the Job Done

To prepare for this type of lawn care job, be certain that your soil is sufficiently moist. Aerating very dry soil is extremely frustrating! To ensure good results, wait for a day where there was a rain shower the day before! Another option is watering your lawn one day ahead of lawn aeration.

A lot of machines for aeration cover a smaller amount of soil surface with each pass. This means that you’ll need to make many passes over the areas which are most compacted. Save energy and resources by leaving the non-compacted parts of your lawn alone.

The soil plugs that you take away should dry out and then be broken up. When you do this, your lawn should take on a manicured appearance. Its surface should appear more uniform. To break up the plugs effectively, strike them with the back of your take or run them over with your lawn mower.

Don’t bother adding a “pre-emergent” herbicide before you aerate. Some people think that this will help, but it’s not necessary.

After you aerate, you should practice good lawn care, including mowing, watering and fertilizing.

Now that you have the inside scoop on lawn aeration, you’ll be ready to move forward and get the job done right.

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