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Whether you’re looking for new, cool ways to keep your garden in tiptop shape, or if you’re just interested in finding out a few tips and tricks on maintaining some specific plants, the internet serves as a great place to search for some of the best gardening tips available.

There are lots of different gardening blogs that abound but the best ones can be hard to find. If you’re out on the prowl for some of the most awesome gardening blogs, here are 15 that we highly recommend.

15 of the Top Gardening Blogs

#1 – Growing The Home Garden

Growing The Home Garden is a popular online destination for people seeking out some of the most useful gardening tips available on the internet. This website offers articles and blogs posts on lots of different topics from vegetable gardening, to plant propagation. It’s guaranteed to answer any and all of your gardening questions and concerns.

Growing The Garden Home has some interesting posts like how to keep your garden looking good even during the wintertime.

Winter Garden Plants

#2 – 20 Minute Garden

2 - 20minutegarden

Because some people complain that gardening is time-consuming and tedious, the folks behind 20 Minute Garden have devised tips, tricks, and techniques to keep your gardening time short without having to sacrifice quality. This website focuses on delivering reliable and proven speedy techniques on how to maintain a garden, especially for people who struggle to find the time to tend to plants and vegetation.

Here, visitors can read up on articles like Compost Versus Mulch, which weighs the pros, cons, and indications of using compost and mulch.

#3 – Urban Organic Gardener

3 - urbanorganicgardener

Urban Organic Gardener is a reliable online resource for some interesting garden tips and trick especially for gardeners located in urban areas. Because these environments might not be as conducive to plant growth, gardeners might need to employ unique gardening techniques to get their plants thriving.

Urban Organic Gardener features posts like 6 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Growing Hydroponically which details the benefits of hydroponics.

#4 – You Grow Girl

4 - yougrowgirl

For those who are just starting out their gardening hobby, You Grow Girl offers some beginner’s tips and basics guaranteed to help even the most inexperienced of gardeners. Their Beginner Gardening Guide 101 is chocked full of information, tips, and techniques on how to get your garden started for any season or climate.

#5 – Seasonal Wisdom

5 - seasonalwisdom

Seasonal Wisdom advocates the growth and propagation of plants and vegetables for family use. This blog focuses on delivering information on how to sustain family farms and grow delicious and nutritious crops. Here, visitors can find a blog post on how to keep connected with nature, even during the winter season which discusses the many ways individuals can sustain an organic diet despite the cold harsh weather.

#6 – A Way to Garden

All the little things we do contribute greatly to the growth and propagation of our plants. If you’re looking for better ways and times to mow your lawn, then the blog posts on A Way to Garden might be ideal for your needs. Understand the science behind mowing your lawn and get some nifty late-fall lawn tips along the way when you visit A Way to Garden.

rethinking how i mow, and late-fall lawn tips

#7 – Big Blog of Gardening

7 - bigblogofgardening

Gardening isn’t just a great way to keep your house or plot of land looking pretty, it’s also an ideal sustainable food source. However, all those long hours spent tilling the soil and taking care of delicate plants can take a toll on our physique. That’s why the Big Blog of Gardening has featured some helpful tips on how to relieve the body aches and pains we might experience from gardening.

#8 – Chiot’s Run

This online gardening resource provides visitors with a wide selection of different articles and blogs guaranteed to help out with any gardening concern, issue, or question. Chiot’s Run has become a popular internet destination for many gardening enthusiasts because it doesn’t only provide important information but also encourages guest participation by asking for recommendations from its visitors.

#9 – Little Green Fingers

9 - littlegreenfingers.typepad

Growing a lush and gorgeous garden from scraps is possible, and Little Green Fingers has just the posts to teach you how to do it. This blog has some useful articles on the ins and outs of growing gardens from nothing more than food scraps. It also features tips and tricks on unique garden crafts made from nothing more than upcycled materials.

#10 – Savvy Gardening

10 - savvygardening

There are lots of different kinds of tomatoes, and heirloom tomatoes have to be the best ones yet. These red, succulent beauties are some of the most highly sought-after tomatoes in the market, and Savvy Gardening has just the information to help you grown your very own.

#11 – Gardening Know How

Looking for a way to improve your plants’ growth? Gardening Know How offers some unconventional techniques on how to increase the growth of your garden buddies with nothing more than magnets.

Magnetism And Plant Growth – How Do Magnets Help Plants Grow

#12 – Backyard Roots

12 - backyardroots

Zucchini is an amazingly delicious vegetable that isn’t only easy to prepare, but also easy to grow. If you’re looking for the perfect vegetable to give away or even to make a buck out of, then some of the posts at Backyard roots will help you do just that.

Enjoy growing your very own zucchini from the comfort of your own backyard with this simple and easy guide.

#13 – Gardening Know How

Just because some of us might live in apartments, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a good garden. Apartment gardening can be tricky, but with the tips from Gardening Know How, any apartment dweller can become a savvy gardener.

Apartment Gardening Guide – Information On Apartment Gardening For Beginners

#14 – Get Busy Gardening

Slugs can be a problem for any garden. Gardeners will try any and everything just to get rid of these persistent pests. Get Busy Gardening has a helpful blog post on effective ways to manage slugs and get rid of them for good without sacrificing your plants.

How To Control Slugs In The Garden Organically

#15 – Great Outdoor Living

15 - grooutdoorliving

Plants won’t always thrive throughout all the seasons, that’s why we have to take extra measures to make sure our plants grow even during iffy weather changes. Great Outdoor Living provides visitors with an in-depth post on 5 ways to prep your lawn for the rainy season to keep your plants happy and healthy all throughout the downpour.

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